Google Analytics Segmentation Hacks Webinar with Dave Booth

Posted by SiteTuners on 29 August 2014 | Comments


dave booth webinarOver 10 million web sites use Google Analytics.

It’s easy to think that’s because it’s free, but really, what other free tools in the online marketing space have that kind of reach?

Google Analytics is now being utilized by both the hobbyist with a blog to the Fortune 500 business analyst, and one of the benefits of that is the creation of a community of experts who can help you use the tool better.

Google Analytics can help you pinpoint where you should be treating various types of visitors with varied tasks differently. It can help you segment, cut through, and clarify - but only if you know your way around.

Dave Booth, Founding Partner at Cardinal Path, is presenting a webinar to help you do just that. Join the webinar and find out how you can better utilize the tool:

  • Slice and dice data like a pro - learn the most useful custom segments you can create, and save the ones pros like Dave use often
  • Make it your own - use custom dimensions to extend the attributes on which you can segment
  • Get in front of the right people - create remarketing lists from your segments and pass the filters to AdWords

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