How CRO Mature Are You?

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Growth ChartThe digital marketing world is all-a-buzz about conversion rate optimization. According to Econsultancy’s fifth annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report released in October 2013, “three out of five businesses (59%) believe that conversion rate optimisation is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy.”

Recognizing the importance of CRO and effectively utilizing optimization resources are two different things, though. A culture tied around CRO needs a lot of work. You typically cannot move from having an unoptimized presence to having advanced CRO practices. It is, however, relatively easy to tell how CRO mature your company is:

1. Un-optimized

a. There is no conversion team
b. Web changes go through IT, content is essentially static
c. Different technologies are used for separate web properties
d. There’s infrequent reporting, and analytics tools do not cover all properties
e. Content is driven just by branding
f. Financials and incentives do not tie into online efficiency

2. Basic Optimization

a. There are some people whose functions include CRO
b. Content only has to go through IT sometimes
c. Analytics tools cover all properties but there’s no way to test winning content
d. Content is driven by a mix of branding and conversions
e. Some incentives tie into online efficiency

3. Intermediate Optimization

a. There is a formal CRO team
b. A commercial content management system is used for content and changes
c. It’s possible to perform split and multivariate tests
d. Granular ROI is reported from campaigns
e. Marketing is driven by online efficiency and conversions

4. Advanced Optimization

a. There is a formal CRO team, and the focus is on lifetime customer value
b. A lot of analytics resources are spent on “predictive analytics”
c. There’s no fixed marketing budget; it adjusts according to profitability, and moves between acquisition and conversion
d. Marketing is driven by CRO

Tim Ash is presenting The Conversion Maturity Model: A Roadmap to Profitability at OptiCon 2014. Join him to find how your optimization efforts fare and what steps you need to take to move to the next level.

April 17
3:10 PM - 4:00 PM

City View at the Metreon
135 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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